Howley Mission Statement

The mission of the Robert S. Howley Company is to provide first class manufacturers’ representation to the electric utility and C&I marketplace. We shall always operate in an honest, ethical, and professional manner with customer safety a top priority. 100% of our efforts shall provide tangible value to both our customers and principals.

To achieve this mission we must:

  • Deliver high quality products that add value to our customers’ business.
    Treat customers and manufacturers in a friendly, personable way that instills confidence and trust.
  • Take the customer’s viewpoint and let their needs guide us to a value-added solution.
  • Be readily accessible and responsive.
  • Resolve problems and issues promptly.
  • Follow up to ensure satisfaction.

The Robert S. Howley Company strives to operate our business in an honest, ethical, and professional manner by following the guidelines offered by the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM), the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF), the Electrical Equipment Representatives Association (EERA), and the National Electrical Manufacturers’ Representatives Association (NEMRA).