Company Overview

Company Overview

Established in 1956, the Robert S. Howley Company is a manufacturers’ representative agency based in Columbus, Ohio. The Howley Company specializes in sales of medium and high voltage, specification-based electrical equipment to utilities, consultants, distributors, and other clients in the utility/C&I markets. Typically, this would include investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives, municipal power companies, electrical distributors, electrical contractors, large industrial users, and consultants who interface with the above.

Geographic Coverage

The Robert S. Howley Company provides manufacturers’ representation services within a five state area consisting of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. In addition to this geographic boundary, all AEP and FirstEnergy service territories are actively supported. The main sales office is located in Columbus, OH, with support from a Cincinnati branch office.

Company History

The Howley Company was founded in 1956 by Robert S. Howley, Sr. in Vermilion, Ohio. Prior to starting the company, Robert Sr.’s background included a degree from the University of Notre Dame, active duty as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and the successful start-up of several small businesses.

Robert Howley, Sr. retired in 1984 after the purchase of the company by Robert S. Howley, Jr. The company moved its corporate headquarters to Dublin, Ohio in 1992.

On November 19, 1999, The Robert S. Howley Company acquired Powertech Sales. In addition to utility sales, Powertech specialized in the sale of electrical products to commercial and industrial customers. The combined company offers a strategic balance between Utility and Commercial/Industrial markets. The Howley Company now occupies Powertech’s former office and warehouse on Chambers Road in Columbus, OH.

Andrew Howley purchased the company from Robert Jr. in 2014. Andrew continues to exceed expectations from both principals and customers as the third generation owner.